Serrapeptase does not thin your blood

Aug. 24, 2011 _ It is certainly understandable that patients who have relied on blood thinners and doctors to treat a number of blood disease and heart ailments would assume that The Miracle Enzyme _ Serrapeptase _ which is an effective treatment for many of the same diseases, would also thin the blood. But, it doesn’t and it doesn’t interact with those prescription medications that do.

Recently, on the Facebook Fan Page The Miracle Enzyme, Nutritionalist and Author Robert Redfern responded to questions posted by a fan concerned that the enzyme thins the blood:

Dan C.: Will Serrapeptase thin your blood? Should I stop my aspirin a day?

Robert Redfern: Dan, Serrapeptase will not thin your blood and aspirin does not thin your blood. The are both anti-inflammatories and it is stopping the inflammation in your blood that helps your blood to flow in a healthy manner. I take Serrapeptase everyday and I eat an anti-flammatory diet, so I do not take aspirin.

It is important to pay attention to this important information, as many people think that their prescription drugs will do the same as Serrapeptase, which it will not, or that Serrapeptase will be redundant if they are taking blood thinners, and again, that is wrong. Blood thinners prescribed by traditional doctors do not clear away the inflammation. Serrapeptase does eat away the dead tissue and inflammation and therefore creates healthier blood. You won’t need blood thinners if your blood flows as it is suppose to.

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